Start Making Techpack - Add cards to techpack

Dec 21, 2016

After setting up your techpack, you can start adding contents to your techpack. On Techpacker, info is inputted as “Cards”. In this chapter we will go through card system and how to add cards.

1. What are cards?

For techpacks, you need to handle a variety of components, such as design details, printing, materials and measurements. Each component has their own specification and collaborator. Troubles like missing comments and long email threads, can come up all the time.

To organize different information fast without messing things up, we develop card system. “Cards” are break-downs of a style. ust like a folder, each style component has its card folder to store all relevant data, conversations and documents. You can easily find details by opening the card; at the same time, all comments left in the card will be kept as record.

2. Add cards

On Techpack Dashboard, we have 3 columns representing different card type - “Sketch”, “Material” and “Measurement”. Material and Measurement cards have Bill of Materials (BOM) table and Point of Measurements (POM) table designed for materials and sizes. We therefore highly recommend creating cards on proper card column.

There are two ways to add cards -

1. Click “+” button

When you click the pink “+” button, there is an input field for naming your card. By clicking “CREATE” or pressing enter, a new empty card will be generated (see image below).

2. Drag & Drop

If you already have a bundle of images of your style, you have no need to create cards one by one. Instead, you can select multiple images and drag them to the dashboard. The images can be PNG, Cards will be generated with image names(see image below).

In case you have added cards to the wrong column, you can also switch card type by dragging the card to another column.
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b. How to Create Them?

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