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Mar 25th 2015

Techpacker is Smart

Techpacker is a web application for fashion brands to Develop Products Faster, Reduce Costs and Improve the Quality. A goal shared by every fashion brand. Thousands of fashion companies in 86 countries uses Techpacker to organize their fashion collection and work together with manufacturers. Why? Because it’s intuitive, fun, and insanely easy to use.

What does Techpacker actually Do?

a. Create Tech Packs Fast and Visual.

b. Manage your Product Development, all-the-way through production such as submits, approvals.

c. Collaborate with your Team or multiple Manufacturers, share files and communicate from one place.

d. See latest developments in product design, what others are doing through EXPLORE : Our Open-Source fashion product development community.

Who is Techpacker For?

If you have ever found yourself or your company:

a. Sick of wasting time on making boring Tech Packs OR want to make quality Tech Packs FAST.

b. Running late on samples OR receiving incorrect samples from your manufacturers,

c. OR overwhelmed by juggling between several styles in development at once,

Techpacker makes dealing with these much easier.

There are many other components that can be added on TOP to save you TIME and make your work easier. Techpacker is so easy to use from day one, but the more you use it, the more useful features you find. Below are some of the :

Benefits of making Tech Packs with Techpacker?

  1. Save 70% less time in making Tech Packs with Techpacker compared to other available tools. How?

    • Explain everything visually with images, flats and sketches instead of boring data-entry. Features like Drag & Drop Images and Annotate will make it super fast to explain even most complicated ideas.
    • No need to put extra effort on making Tech Packs : Making Tech Packs on Techpacker is like a Summary of your Regular Tasks of Product Development such as submits and approvals. You continue your work and Techpacker formats it for you in the industry standard document that has been build in research with leading brands and manufacturers around the world.
    • For re-occurring parts such as buttons, zippers : Techpacker has My Favorites and Copy feature that allows you to duplicate parts, Bills of Material, Point of measurements, etc.
    • Need inspirations or too lazy to make it yourself : then go to our EXPLORE cards library and simply 'PACK' the trending cards to your Tech Packs.

  2. Get your FASHION products developed and approved faster by 48% compared to traditional tools. How?

    • Techpacker breaks down your product into individual items so EACH can be managed effectively and improve your productivity.
    • See your Whole Workflow : Everything you are currently working on by season, or within an individual style. Things that are pending for approval, or things that are approved for production.
    • Notifications will alert you when items have been assigned to them or cards related to them have been updated, commented or Pending with Due Date coming closer.

  3. Smartly Organize Everything about your products:

    • As everything is Stored systematically on Techpacker using Tech Packs and Cards (you will learn more in Tech Pack area in further chapter) therefore gone are the days when you had to dig deep inside your emails and long conversation threads to find that one approval of Button you sent out on a particular day. Now you can Search it directly from that 'Card' itself.
    • Techpacker maintains all the versions of your Tech Packs so you don't have to manage them by labeling each file and separating into their specific folders, which is more trouble then the worth. Plus they can also quickly fill your hard-drive space. You can access any version of your techpack right through your Techpacker account and make unlimited versions of your Tech Packs.
    • Techpacker can Send your Tech Packs in PDF Format to your manufacturers or team directly and save you those extra steps on downloading the PDF, saving it and maintaining into specific folders, attaching it on emails and sending it. This way you also ave Paper and share Tech Packs directly with Manufacturers and teams through Techpacker.
    • Techpacker is easily accessible from the web and works in a responsive manner so it can easily be used on tablets and mobile devices as well. It supports drag-and-drop and uses inline-editing to make the interface very user-friendly.

  4. With Techpacker, you can reduce emails upto 70% and increase transparency. How?

    • The ability to drop images, attach files and conversations on a card level, with ability to @ another user within the comments of a card means that dialogue about a style OR a product can be maintained within Techpacker, while utilizing email to keep everyone current.
    • Collaborate With Everyone : You can collaborate with your team, freelancers, manufacturers, even button suppliers all at one place without interfering with one-another. For example, a procurement specialist can collaborate with a supplier about quality problems with a particular button without the technical designer being distracted by the discussion thread unless there is a particular reason to invite the technical designer onto it.
    • Time Management and Accountability : Techpacker time-stamps each action which creates a very basic audit trail or log which can be helpful if things go wrong. (Coming Soon)

  5. FREE to use : You can start using fully featured Techpacker absolutely FREE of charge. Learn more Here. We are yet to come across any tool available online that provides such awesome functionality of making Tech Packs and manages product's lifecycle (PLM) and is totally FREE to use.

Who uses Techpacker?

Thousands of fashion companies in 86 countries uses Techpacker to organize their fashion collection and work together with manufacturers. Why? Because it’s intuitive, fun, and insanely easy to use. If you are working with any manufacturer in USA or China or any part of the world, chances are that they may already use Techpacker with other customers.

What Do I need to use Techpacker?

To get started on Techpacker, you can either go to landing-page or directly sign-up. Techpacker can be accessed by modern browsers and has been tested on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. We do not guarantee the performance on older versions Or Internet Explorer before version 10.

Do you have a mobile version?

We DO NOT have a mobile version yet but we already have it planned and will release an update on this very soon. To see all latest developments and features added on Techpacker, click here

How to use Techpacker?

To use Techpacker, you first need to signup. Not to worry, it's FREE to use and you DO NOT have to give your credit-card information. Let's go to next chapter and get you started.

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