Comment Reply Instantly, Even OUT OF TECHPACKER!

Once your colleagues and factories leave you comment on Techpacker, you will get notified anytime and anywhere. You don't have to be on the platform all the time and actually, you don't have to! You can now respond more quickly with the "Reply by Email" feature. Read below to check how it works.

How "Reply by Email" Let's You Work More Effectively?

Whenever you receive a card comment, you don't need to log-in and find the respective card. Simply replying to the notification email, your message will be shown on that card. Even through your mobile device, you can now continue your conversation. More than that, you can tag other members within that techpack, so that they can take action without delay.

"Reply by Email" vs. Traditional Email Conversation?

With the traditional email discussion, you manually organize info from various parties and it wastes your time to file and report.

Using "Reply by Email", you can just write a comment accordingly. Techpacker automatically keeps comments inside the cards and allows other members to check it immediately.

How to "Reply by Email?

It's pretty easy to do, and just like how you will reply others' emails.

Step 1: Click the "Reply" function button of your mailbox

Step 2: "@" the techpack member and leave a message

Similar to leaving comments, inputting "@" + "member name" and writing them a message will get them notified INSTANTLY. Just remember to spell their account name correctly.

When you get back to the card, you will see your reply appearing on the comment section and your partners will see it in the same way.

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