Keep Logs of Techpacks and All Conversations

Jan 26, 2017

Making a techpack can involve a few parties of suppliers and manufacturers. Keeping a log is always a good practice for protecting all collaborating parties. This helps to trace back the history of design changes made to evaluate it's developments or even to serve as a cross-reference for any misunderstandings.

Often designers and factories save emails and maintain folders to keep all records and techpack versions of any one style shared between parties. But it takes an unnecessary amount of time to maintain all these techpack files or folders.

Techpacker has made it so simple to review all techpack versions and conversations! So, if you are ready to start working with your factory and as long as you work here, we can capture all activities with accurate time without manual sorting and arrangement.

Now you can keep logs of:

  1. Previous techpack versions
  2. Conversations with partners in each card

Read the respective chapters to know how Techpacker save you from trouble.

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