Techpack Settings & Basic Info Defined

Feb 04, 2017

After going through the tutorial, you should already set up your first techpack. You may notice that there a few items on techpack settings page. If you are experienced on techpack, you may skip to how to edit techpack settings.

For those new to techpack making, we will further clarify these items here:

1. What is a Style number?

2. What is a Main image?

3. What is a Size range?

4. What is a Color combo?

5. What is a Keyword?

6. What is a Style Description?

7. How to edit Techpack settings?

1. What Is a Style Number?

"Style number" is a code issued to your design / techpack, representing this particular product. Each brand has her own way of assigning the number. Design team and factories can therefore trace the order easily through style number from similar fashion items.

For example, denim factory can sort out your jeans from hundreds of jeans techpacks with these unique digits. At the initial stage, you can also input the product name as a substitute.

2. What Is a Main Image?

It refers to the technical flats (drawings) showing clear design details of your style. Basically, it includes front view and back view with all visible stitch lines. You can also upload photos of design as the main image.

3. What Is a Size Range?

To add measurements of your fashion items, you need to define sizes included (if applicable) when developing your techpacks (e.g. S, M and L).

Dropdown menu neighboring the size range allows you to select the "sample size" of the techpack. Once your techpack is done, your factory will make sample in this chosen size, so that you can examine the real product outcome and ask for corrections.

4. What Is a Color Combo?

When creating the techpack, you may apply different colors on the same style. That's why you have to specify these color combinations/ color combos to the factory.

Same as the sample size, sample color will be generally used for sample making.

5. What Is a Keyword?

Just like how you hashtag your post on facebook or instagram, "Keywords" let you tag techpacks regarding their categories, such as season, collection name and/or item type. You can therefore search techpacks easily through tagged words. Meanwhile, these keywords will form folders automatically to better organize files.

6. What Is a Style Description?

It's a written summary of your design including design details (e.g. silhouette shape, general fabric, techniques used, print placements, etc.). Descriptions are helpful to provide a quick overall understanding of the design and technical sketch (drawing).

7. How to Edit Techpack Settings?

On the Techpack Dashboard, you can either click "Techpack Settings" on side panel OR gear icon on the top bar menu (see image below). The page will be redirected and you can edit the above items.

Already input these general info? Let's move on to add cards to your techpack!

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