Verify Email

Mar 16, 2016

Just like signing up, verification is also very easy. We have created this verification process so that to avoid any breach of security and to ensure that your account is password-protected.

As soon as you finish your Signup process and click on “Create your account”, you will see an alert showing you that “ An email has been sent to your email address with a link to verify your account.”

 You need to then go to your email inbox that you registered on Techpacker and look for the email from [email protected] subject: Welcome to Techpacker. Click on the link to verify your account. Below is the Screen shot of the email the you will receive.

Once you click on the link Verify Email, it will automatically open a new tab on your browser, where you can enter your email address again and password that you created during Signup process.

That’s all you are set !! Congratulations on becoming an official “TECHPACKER” and joining the fashion community.


There are times when you may have to wait to receive your email but no email shows up. If it has been more than 5 minutes that you have not received your email then there are 3 things that you can do.

  1. Check the email address that you input on Techpacker Signup page and make sure there are no spelling mistakes.
  2. Or Check your junk mailbox as sometimes depending on your email client Techpacker email could end up in your junk folder. Make sure to market as non-junk and move it in your inbox.
  3. If none of the above works you can contact us by leaving a comment below or sending email to us at [email protected] and tell us your email address.

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