Work With Your Design Team and Factories

Feb 15, 2017

Techpacker offers the option to create teams and work-together with others in real-time. Except for the Free plan users, all paid plan subscribers can set-up teams and add their designers, partners, factories, etc. as team members. However, the number of members you can add to your team depends on the plan your are subscribed to.

As an admin user, you can control the access to add, remove and assign designated members to designated teams. All techpacks and activities will be under your management. At the same time, other members also enjoy the paid features of your plan (e.g. grading or sending unlimited PDF's etc.).

With organized structures, you can easily overview the progress of your projects. In this section, we include chapters that guide you how to collaborate with your team members on Techpacker, including:

  1. Create Teams - How to add team members
  2. Share Techpacks - How to share techpacks to your factory and how the factory can collaborate back
  3. Comment & Share Files - How to communicated and share files through cards
  4. Instant Reply By Email - How to instantly reply from your email
  5. Assign Grading Access - How to assign a member(s) grading permission

In the future, additional management tools will be developed to create a simpler platform for product development.

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