Why I Should Upgrade?

Jan 11, 2017

There are many differences from plan to plan and you can review a detailed comparison or in our Upgrade-Plans chapter. What benefit's can you gain from each feature? How can upgrading enhance your work or company? Here are the key features listed one by one!

1. Public Techpack vs. Private Techpack

Free users are only granted 5 private techpacks after signing up. Once your quota is used up, all additional techpacks created will be PUBLIC. Our Techpacker automated bots will regularly pick cards from public techpacks and share them to Explore. Your contribution forms a great community where other users can copy and reuse your cards.

On the other hand, all techpacks created by paid users are completely PRIVATE. This means no one can view or edit your techpacks unless you grant its access to others. So if you are working in a team, you can simply add your team members to your organization and keep everything internal on Techpacker.

Both Public and Private users can freely pack cards from Explore.

2. Individual vs. Teamwork

All paid plans provide a team feature for users to create their teams. Having team feature is so important for product development because you can:

  1. Share the workload
  2. Work parallel on another project with other team members
  3. Invite and communicate with both internal and external teams -- e.g. factory, designers, production team, etc.
  4. Manage the progress of a techpack -- e.g. approved or rejected submits

Your team members can also enjoy the paid features of your plan while working with you.

However, this team feature is not available in the Free plan.

3. Keep Log

Keeping record can avoid potential debates or confusions with your factory or internal staff. The usual practice was saving and printing each email.

On Techpacker, your comments and conversations are time-stamped and can be printed together. Additionally, techpacks are also stored with versions, to record all changes made. This way both fashion brands and factories can be protected by this clear log history.

For Free users, even though you can leave comments, you are unable to print them or keep different techpack versions.

Want to keep all these features? Learn how to upgrade today!

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