Apr 19, 2016

What is Explore?

Explore is a product development library which is completely open source and encourages sharing ideas, collaborations and creating community driven standards.

At Techpacker, we are of firm believer that for fashion Industry to survive and push innovation, everyone of us should SERIOUSLY consider contributing back to the industry.

Therefore Techpacker has come out to create tools and collaborate with expert fashion designers, technical designers, product developers and renowned companies such as Alvanon (the global apparel business expert) and Mainetti (global manufacturer of packaging material ) to open up their library and contribute their expertise by creating cards that can easily be Packed by anyone directly on their Techpacks. What this means is together we will contribute and share our experiences and expertise not only to help the industry but to learn and collaborate with each other to make fashion products : better, faster and together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to access Explore?

To access Explore, log-in to your account and from the top menu, look for "Explore" section and click on it. (see below screen-shot)

How do I search for cards on Explore?

Once you're in Explore, there are three ways to search (See image below) -

  1. Search by keywords
  2. Sort by: Sketch, Size, Material
  3. Click on any keyword/tab on any card

How do you choose which cards will appear in Explore?

First, the cards are selected from techpacks of users with public account or from our partner suppliers. The cards are selected and curated by our team of experienced product developers who have spend years in trying to explain things to factories from remote places. By now, they have come to understand which cards meets the criteria and are worth being in our Explore library.

How can I contribute cards to Explore?

If you are a manufacturer, a supplier or a Freelancer and would like to showcase your cards to designers around the world from "Explore" section, then you can reach out to us directly by either comments sections below or email us to [email protected] .

How often do you update Explore library?

We try to update Explore library once a week however as there are hundreds of techpacks that are created every day, we therefore will increase the frequency up to once a day.

Can I use anything from Explore in my Techpacks?

You can 'Pack' the cards in your techpack however keep in mind that all cards are covered under Creative Commons licenses by the owner of the card therefore before using, you should read full details and abide by it. Techpacker do not hold any responsibility on infringements of any intellectual property. You can read full details of our terms and services by clicking here.

If you see anything that you think should not be posted on techpacker, then please report to us through commenting below or email and we will respond within 24 hours.

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