Introducing 3 New Plans:


Dec 30, 2016

From Dec 16, 2016 on, our plans and respective features are revised so that everyone can experience techpack based on their needs and budgets.


Free account users can still create public techpacks on Techpacker but limitations are applied regarding techpack numbers, PDF generations, print layout, etc

As a result, FREE plan will be suitable for designers taking small projects or brands that want to try before payment. Yet, if you would like to go through all paid features, start a 14-day trial of paid plan will be a good choice for you!


For fashion start-up, every financial move has to be well-planned. On Techpacker, only US$29/month (when paid annually), you can create up to 200 private techpacks with basic paid features in CREATE plan, including

  1. generate unlimited PDF
  2. share unlimited techpacks to factories
  3. copy unlimited Explore cards for your techpacks
  4. connect cards to synchronize updates
  5. choose PDF layout
  6. work in team with 1 more members
  7. print comments

Comparing to expensive PLM or ERP system in the market, buying CREATE plan is definitely an economic decision for product managements.


Once the fashion business has become stable, you probably seek for business growth. To support these small and medium size companies, we increase the capacity of CONNECT plan. Under this plan, you can work in team of 5 members and make up to 1000 private techpacks. It in turns grants you the power of digesting bigger orders and kill order fast with just US$129/month (when billed yearly).

On top of the existing CREATE features, you can also

  1. Keep previous techpack versions;
  2. Do grading.


To further scale up your business, management will be the greatest topic. How to keep pace with all progress? How to supervise your team? These questions come up all the time. Scale-up intends to provide a systematical alternative for management.

Unlike traditional software with texts and tables only, you will experience simple flows of team and product management in the future. This charges you US$429/month for yearly subscription, which include 15 members per account and unlimited private techpacks. More and more management tools are coming soon. Let's see!

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