How to Assign Grading Access Permission

Feb 15, 2017

Only the admin user can assign which team members access and control the grading feature of techpacks shared within a team. We understand brand consistency with fit is one of most important factors for development and building a brand. This feature allows only those with access (e.g. technical designer) to create and revise all specs, while other team members can only review the POM (point of measurement) chart.

Here's a quick guide on how to assign access -

Step 1: Manage Teams

At the top-right corner you will see your name. Click on your name and a drop-down list will be extended, where your organization name is shown as the first option (see image below).

Then, click "Manage Team" on the team you wish to make changes to (see image below). If you don't see any team and need to create a new team, follow the steps listed in the Create Teams chapter.

Step 2: Team Settings

Next, you can set-up your team settings and add -

  1. Team name
  2. Description of your team
  3. Existing team members. Only existing organization members can be added to team (see image below). In case you want to invite users out of the list, follow step 1 listed in the Create Teams chapter.

  1. Activate or inactivate grading access by clicking on the toggle button of the desired team member (see image below).

And remember to click Save Team when you're done.

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